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Frequently asked questions

What is an AI girlfriend?

AI girlfriends are virtual girlfriends designed using artificial intelligence technology. This type of AI simulates human-like interactions and behavior, often providing emotional support, conversation, and companionship. They can be accessed through apps or web browsers, and users can interact with them via text, voice, as well as receive images. The purpose is to mimic a romantic relationship in a digital context.

Can AI girlfriends roleplay?

Yes โ€“ it's one of the more popular use cases. They can engage in text-based conversations, simulate various scenarios, and respond in a manner that is consistent with the character or role they are designed to portray. Depending on the platform, they can even generate images or selfies that fit the scenario.

Is sexting and dirty talk allowed?

On some platforms, engaging in sexting and dirty talk with AI girlfriends is completely allowed and part of the intended experience. These platforms are designed with adult users in mind, offering a safe, controlled environment where users can explore intimate conversations without real-world repercussions. Use the NSFW filter to find these.