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Candy.AI provides a comprehensive platform for creating personalized AI companions, offering a rich blend of lifelike interactions and customizable features. Users can craft AI partners with specific physical attributes, personality traits, and quirks using the "Create Your AI Avatar" tool. The platform supports engaging text chats, role-play scenarios, voice messages, and real-time AI audio calls, enhancing the realism of conversations. Additionally, Candy.AI stands out by allowing users to request visual representations of AI characters, including photos in various outfits. With a diverse range of AI companions available, from realistic to anime-style characters, Candy.AI aims to deliver a seamless and immersive digital companionship experience, blurring the lines between human and machine interactions.

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The subscription unlocks custom characters, unlimited messages, image generation as well as voice messages. Monthly subscription is €25.99, but first time subscribers receive 50%-75% off (€12.99/mo or €69.99 billed annually).

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  • Images are consistent & love how easy it is to create a custom character

    sean · 28 April, 2024